Manganese Chloride Attenuates Osteoporosis in Rats with Experimental Ulcerative Colitis

  • Adeola T Salami
  • Olugbenga Adeola Odukanmi
  • Mary Efiamotu Akerele
  • Tosan Peter Omayone
  • Samuel Babafemi Olaleye


Osteoporosis is one of the extra intestinal manifestations of ulcerative colitis common with children living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It results in abnormal growth plate morphology and is linked to early tibial epiphyseal closure rate.  This study thus seeks to unravel the role played by manganese on bone homeostasis during ulcerative colitis.

80 male Wistar rats (3months old; 130-150g) were divided into five groups: Groups 1- control,  2-5 were induced with colitis via rectal irrigation with1.5mLs of 6% acetic acid and treated thus: 2&3- 200 and 100mg/kg manganese respectively, 4- 500mg/kg sulfasalazine treatment, 5- Untreated colitis. Daily body weights, stool score, hematological, biochemical, bone study, colon macroscopic and microscopic ulcers were evaluated on days 3, 7 and 14 post- induction. Results were expressed as Mean ± SEM, analyzed using ANOVA and significant at p<0.05.

Ulcerative colitis caused deleterious alterations in body weight, stool score, colonic weight/length ratio and macroscopic ulcer score.  Manganese (200mg/kg) and Sulfasalazine reverted all the stated variables back to normal levels. Manganese treatment significantly reduced Myeloid/Erythroid Ratio unlike sulfasalazine treatment. Spleen and liver weights of manganese treated animals were decreased compared with colitis untreated. Significant increases in femur, pelvic bone and alkaline phosphatase level of high manganese treated animals was observed. Manganese treated animals had a decreased duration of tibial epiphyseal plate closure compared with other groups.

It can be concluded that manganese treatment not only has ameliorative effect on colon inflammation but also modulates bone homeostasis during ulcerative colitis in young wistar rats


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