Patients’ perception of quality of diabetes care received in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Oluwaseun E Falayi
  • A I Adeoye
  • Babatunde Olubayo Adedokun
  • Adesoji Fasanmade


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is one of the emerging diseases of public health concerns of the 21st century.There is paucity of information relating to evaluation of diabetes care from patients’ perspective in Nigeria which is an important indicator of measuring quality of care and improving treatment outcomes. The study therefore investigated Patients’ Evaluation of the Quality of Diabetes care (PEQD) in Ibadan. This descriptive cross-sectional study involved the use of cluster sampling technique in recruiting 384 diabetic patients from three hospitals – University College Hospital, Michael Bella Memorial Hospital and Our Lady of Apostle Catholic Hospital in Ibadan. A semi-structured questionnaire was used. Univariate data analysis were analysed using descriptive statistics while test of association were done chi-square test and logistic regression set at 5% and 10% level of statistical significance respectively. Mean age of respondents was 62.5 + 10.8 years and the mean diabetes duration was 8.4 + 7.6 years. Majority (72.1%) had good knowledge of diabetes and its risk factors with mean knowledge score as 5.5 + 2.9. More than half (55%) of the respondents perceived their quality of care as good.  In conclusion, patients’evaluated quality of diabetes care receivedas good. There is need to institutionalize periodic survey on quality of care and patient treatment satisfaction to provide feedback for continuous quality improvement


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