Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (HRSV) A and B infection among children attending primary and secondary health facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Ogunsemowo Olukunle
  • David O Olaleye
  • Georgina Njideka Odaibo


Human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) causes high morbidity and mortality in infants and young children. There is high prevalence of the virus in Nigeria, however the circulating subtype is not known. We report here the subtypes of HRSV circulating among children in Ibadan. Two hundred and thirty-one nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs were collected from children presenting with respiratory infections in Secondary Health Facility (SHF) for care as well as those attending immunization centers in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in Ibadan, Nigeria. Viral RNA was extracted directly from the clinical specimen and used for HRSV detection with a pair of primers that targets the conserved region of the viral matrix gene. HRSV-positive samples were subtyped using subtype-specific primers. The prevalence of HRSV infection was 8.7% and 34.6% in PHCs and SHF respectively. Both subtypes of HRSV were detected co-circulating in PHCs and SHF. No evidence of coinfection of HRSV A and B was found. HRSV-A was the predominant subtype detected in SHF while subtype B was predominant among participants recruited at PHCs. Higher disease severity scores were associated with HRSV – A infection than infection with HRSV – B. All the HRSV detected from those diagnosed of bronchopneumonia and bronchiolitis were subtype A. In conclusion, subtypes A and B were co-circulating in PHCs and SHF in Ibadan, with HRSV – A being the predominant. Additional study with samples collected across both wet and dry seasons and from other parts of the country will be done to determine the pattern of HRSV circulation in Nigeria


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