Attenuation of Delayed Gastric Ulcer in Rats by Chrysophyllum Albidum Bark Extract and Fractions: Role of Blood Inflammatory Markers


  • AD Famurewa
  • Adeola T Salami


Chrysophyllum albidum has been reported to exert varied medicinal properties.  However information is lacking on its probable activities during chronic ulcer healing which this study sought to investigate. 120 male wistar rats (120-150g) were divided into 8 groups (n=15) viz: Groups I -delayed ulcerated untreated; II and III – 500 and 250mg/kg b.w methanolic bark extract of C. albidum (MeCaB) respectively; II, III and IV-100mg/kg b.w chromatographic fractions A, B and C (CFrA, B and C) respectively; VII –30mg/mg b.w Omeprazole and VIII-ulcerated untreated not-delayed(baseline group). Chronic gastric ulcer was induced experimentally and delayed using indomethacin; drug treatments occured simultaneously for 14 days. Daily body weights of experimental animals were monitored; hematological variables; ulcer score, and histological analysis were evaluated by days 3, 7 and 14 of treatment. Data were expressed as Mean±SEM, analyzed using one-way ANOVA and p£0.05 was considered statistically significant. The MeCaB, CFr A, B and C significantly increased body weights and haematological variable except (White blood cells) compared with untreated groups by days 3 and 7. The MeCaB and fractions significantly reduced Neutrophil/lymphocyte and Platelet/lymphocyte ratios (blood inflammatory makers) in this study. Furthermore, MeCaB (250 and 500mg/kg b.w) showed complete ulcer healing by day 3 with CFrA, B and C by day 7 of treatment. These observations were buttressed by histological evaluations. Chrysophyllum  albidum bark extracts and its chromatographic fractions enhanced ulcer healing by increasing nitric oxide levels and heamatological variables to gastric tissue. Blood inflammatory makers were also ameliorated to a low level


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